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Welcome to my page!

Updated: May 9, 2022

An introduction to my blog and perspective on life.

Welcome to my page! I have created this site to share my story and help people living with chronic illness find and maintain a positive perspective. Throughout the last seven years I have been diagnosed with four different chronic illnesses. I have learned so much these past couple years, about myself and my body and how to take care of both to have the best quality of life possible. I want to share my knowledge, but also learn from other people and their experiences as well.

Having a chronic illness is living with a constant learning curve of how to maintain the delicate balance of your health.

I have found that there is never an easy answer to the problems that I face with my chronic illness, but having a positive mindset makes it easier to live with. It is hard to keep a positive mindset, I know I haven't been able to always maintain my happy demeanor especially when I am having a particularly bad flare or the doctors just aren't able to figure out what is going on. In these moments it can feel like life is very unfair and it can seem like you will have to spend the rest of your life fighting an impossible battle.

I have been on a rollercoaster ride the past seven years experiencing the highs and lows that come with having a chronic illness.

I definitely have had more lows and every single time I have had to fight to get to the high moments. However, the high moments and the struggle to get there are what helps me keep such a positive perspective. I can think back to how awesome those high points were and how hard it was to have them and remember my strength. My high points give me hope and remind me that I am a fighter. When I am going through a low point they give me drive and something to work towards. I have learned to accept the impact my chronic illnesses will forever have on my life, but I have also learned to be a fighter and that has helped me find happiness.

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