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Hi! I’m Kylie,

I have lived with chronic illness for the past seven years. I first started experiencing symptoms in 2014 after having a severe strep pneumonia infection. It took about a year of seeing countless doctors to finally be diagnosed with POTS by the mayo clinic in 2015. ​While doing testing for POTS they discovered I had cardiomyopathy and I was. diagnosed with left ventricle non-compaction. 

After receiving the POTS diagnosis I was able to go to a treatment center in Dallas which helped give me tools to better understand and live with my new reality. I was able to graduate high school and go to college on scholarship. When I went to college I started to experience severe gastrointestinal symptoms that made it hard to eat. It took about two years of going to different doctors and specialists before finally being diagnosed with gastroparesis and MCAS. 

I have learned to navigate life with multiple chronic illnesses. I have found that there is a constant learning curve when living with a chronic illness. Join me on my chronic illness journey!

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